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... I asked Alan to assist with market development of a new technology product. He led us to a new marketplace and secured a contract with a major pharmaceutical group ...
Graeme S. (Chief Executive)
8 Reasons Why

Why Alakar Consulting? 8 Reasons to use us

We're proud of what we do, and here are some important reasons why you should choose us instead of our competitors.

1. Enterprise quality at affordable rates

When we say enterprise we really mean enterprise, organisations like the Driving Standards Agency, Lafferty Publications, Metro, Healix, even Government departments have used Alakar. We continue to utilise years of experience delivering the same high quality service at affordable rates.

2. Kick-starting growth in businesses up to £25 million turnover

This is our main focus and we have firsthand experience in over 15 years consulting with start-ups, turnarounds and growth situations. Our Chief Executive, Alan Charlesworth, has experience as a CEO in most of the situations he encounters as a consultant.

3. Custom made solutions based on understanding your business

Working with CEOs all the time, Alan knows how they feel, what they've been through and what it will take to get the results they want. The first step is to establish mutual trust between us and get to grips with the problems you are facing. Only then can we start to develop plans to resolve them.

4. Planning a business start-up?

Alakar's depth of practical experience of start-ups is extensive and you are assured of developing business plans which accurately reflect the pain you are trying to resolve for your clients and help you to gain essential credibility with investors.

5. Frustrated by lack of progress towards your ideal business?

When your business hits a wall Alakar has already been there and helped companies survive. We help you revive your optimism, develop new strategies and kick start your business. If necessary we will re-motivate your management teams when all around them are losing their nerve. It's part of our job of getting businesses back on track.

6. Choosing an advisor is NOT an admission of failure

Entrepreneurs face lots of difficult decisions, most of them alone and most where the outcome has been remarkable success. Occasionally, however, when your business hangs in the balance and help is needed, Alakar's Chief Executive, Alan Charlesworth, knows full well the agonies such a prospect causes. Call him to discuss your concerns. You might be pleasantly surprised!

7. We know what we don't know

When problems needing expert advice come along, for example forensic accounting, IT and legal issues we know who to call in to help and you will see some of our partners listed on our website.

8. Never forget the longer term

The emotional impact of crisis situations and the frustration caused by not getting the results you expect can emphasise short term thinking at the expense of achieving your longer term desires. Alakar recognises this as a normal circumstance among its clients and will ensure that longer term goals, including your eventual or partial exit from the business, are reviewed thoroughly.

Our 'Business Accelerator Programme' is designed to help you take your business to an optimum level of performance, in a period of one year or less.

For a free one hour confidential consultation about your ideas contact us today on or simply click here to register your interest. We will contact you, as soon as possible, regarding your enquiry.

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